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Students who are objects in the educational process are
the main pillars in achieving educational goals. In this paper
describes the "Characteristics of Students in the Perspective
of Imam Ibn Jamaah", through his phenomenal book
Tadzkirah al-Sami 'wa al-Mutakallim fi Adab al-'Alim wa alMuta'allim.
The research method used is qualitative noninteractive
because the data source is in the form of documents, not
direct data from people in their natural environment. The
data analysis used is content analysis, which is research that
is in-depth discussion of the content of written information.
Imam Ibn Jamaah in Tadzkirah al-Sami 'wa alMutakallim fi Adab al-'Alim wa al-Muta'allim mentioned
several things that must be possessed by a student so as to
make a character for them, including 2 parts, First;
characteristics of yourself which include; Cleanse the heart
of despicable morals. Improve intention by constantly
fighting lust. Make the most of your youth. Has the nature of
qana'ah. Managing time. Applying wara '. Second; towards
teachers include; Asking Allah for the best choice in
choosing a teacher. Obey the teacher's directions according
to syar'i. Recognize his teacher's rights and services to him.
Be patient with the teacher's attitude. Thank the teacher in all